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About Us - Introduction

On a fine Sunday morning in July 2002, a group of “Melbourne Aussies” of Indian descent from all parts of the world met at the council meeting rooms at The City of Greater Dandenong Offices in Springvale, Melbourne to form a “democratic, secular, vibrant and non-political organisation”.

We came to be known as The AIII

“The Australian Indian Innovations Incorporated”

The AIII comprises of a conglomerate of independent organisations and individuals, who have come together in membership to work in mutual harmony, respect and united purpose to nurture, promote, foster and empower the Indian presence in multicultural Australia.

We aim to facilitate opportunities, depict the cultural kaleidoscope of India and assist members to showcase Indian art, culture, style, traditions and food via various activities, seminars, festivals, fairs and events.

To this day, our Association has successfully and consecutively celebrated and showcased the Festivals of India to the greater Victorian people.


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